The UCLA Center for Social Theory and Comparative History was established in 1987. It aims to encourage the development of social theory that is historically rooted and of comparative history that is theoretically informed. 

The core of the Center's intellectual work is the biweekly colloquium series, which runs more or less every other Monday during the Winter and Spring quarters.

Each year the colloquium series is organized around a single theme, with each session intended to build upon the previous one. The colloquia have, from the start, succeeded in attracting top scholars in the relevant fields from around the globe. In recent years, the colloquium series focuses on contemporary issues in historical context. CSTCH also sponsors Special Lectures.


Perry Anderson, History

Cesar Ayala, Sociology

Aslı Bâli, Law School

Kevan Harris, Sociology

Hirano Katsuya, History

Ching Kwan Lee, Sociology

Michael Mann, Sociology

Carole Pateman, Political Science


Robert Brenner, History


Zep Kalb, Sociology