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The End of the Chinese Miracle?

  • History Conference Room 6275 Bunche Hall Los Angeles, CA 90095 (map)

China is now at a crucial turning point both economically and politically. Economic growth continues to decelerate. There is massive industrial overcapacity and the government has announced layoffs numbering in the millions. Meanwhile, protests have broken out, including in Hong Kong, to which the state has responded with intensifying repression. What next for China? And what will be the consequences for the world economy and global politics as China stumbles?

Speakers include:

Victor Shih is professor of political economy at UCSD. He was the first analyst to identify the risk of massive local government debt in China.

Ching Kwan Lee is professor of sociology at UCLA. She has studied Chinese labor politics for two decades.

Alex Day is professor of history at Occidental College. He is the author of The Peasant in Post-socialist China (2013). 

Joshua Wong is a student activist in Hong Kong. He is also the secretary general of newly formed political party Demosistō.

Nathan Law is also a student activist in Hong Kong. He is the the leader of the the Hong Kong Federation of Students.