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The Rise of the DSA: Mass Socialist Politics in the US?

Since 2016, the Democratic Socialists of America has transformed itself beyond recognition. Its membership has exploded past 50,000. A dynamic far left tendency has arisen inside the Democratic Party. Half the electorate below age 35 calls itself “socialist”. But success has bred confusion. Will DSA really stay independent of the Democrats? What weight for electoral work versus labor and social movement activity? What does socialism actually mean for DSA?

Jeremy Gong is on the National Political Committee of DSA, as well as on the Steering Committee of the DSA-East Bay chapter. A founding member of the Spring Caucus, he is a contributing editor for The Call.

Sarah Mason is co-chair of the DSA-Santa Cruz chapter and a graduate student in Sociology at UC Santa Cruz. A Lyft driver and Door Dasher, she studies platform- mediated work.

Magally A Miranda Alcázar is a member of the DSA-Los Angeles chapter, as well as of the editorial collective of Viewpoint Magazine. She is a graduate student in Chicana/o Studies at UCLA, studying labor and social reproduction.

René Christian Moya is a member of the DSA-Los Angeles chapter, director of Housing is a Human Right, and a tenant organizer with LA Tenants Union. He is a member of The School of Echoes.

Arielle Sallai is a communications director and housing justice organizer with DSA-Los An- geles chapter.